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Friends is a blessing a gift that has never ending love that has been given to each one. There may be different kinds of friends but as long as long as you have one them you are blessed. Friends are limitless, you could meet them anywhere, anytime of your life. There are those who stand up still by your side no matter what, there are also those friends that even if they are miles and miles away they still find a way to connect with you no matter what. Cherry of London escorts.

I could say that I have lots of friends casual friends I have many of them but with true friends I could only identify few of them. True friends are those friends who will stick on you bad or good, through thick and thin, who will tell you the things that is not good on you and what is bad for you. They are the friends who are not hesitant to tell the truth even if it hurts you so deeply, for they know that it is all up for your own good. That is how true friends are.

I have this friend of mine who is a London escorts remembers when her boyfriend put their sex tape on the internet. At first she was a kind of hesitant in telling me of what keeps on bothering in her for I have observed her anxious on something. As her true friend I confronted her on what keeps on bothering her she then told me the things that had happened to her. According to her he never expected that her boyfriend will do such a thing to her. She gave everything to him and even trusted him in all of the things her life. But when she found out that her boyfriend such stupid thing on her she is a kind of upset devastated of the things that she have given to her boyfriend. In all the people who made such stupid thing to her it was her boyfriend whom she thinks her confidant and best friend but she was all wrong of her own thought.

Aside from that she also told me the things that she is doing as a London escorts personality. I have known so many things about her especially on being a London escorts. Her life is not that so easy portray she still need to support her siblings in school and helping her parents financially. She serves to be the bread winner of her own family. As her friend I always make it sure that in times of sadness I will find myself available for her to let her know that no matter what happened to her I will always be on her side and will give an open ear to listen the things that she needs to let go from herself. Most of the time I only listen to her for I know and strongly believe is that that through listening alone you could help a lot of things and you can even change a lot of things. I just allow her to tell her pain, her disappointments everything that is not so good about her. An open ear and an open heart is what my London escorts friend needed the most.

On my birthday I decided to celebrate with immediate family and closest friends for I have to save money for I have a project to make in the next coming months. I prepare food enough for 10 persons, but when I arrived at home there was a big celebration awaits for me. It was my London escorts friend who prepare this all for me, I never thought she would do it for me. According to her this her simple way of saying thank you for all the things I have done to her in her most difficult times of her life. What I did to her to love her as a friend and listened to her sincerely but I never expected that I captured so much of her life that she feel so thankful and blessed to have me as her true friend.